Importance of Dental Recall

Dental recall is referred to as periodic examination, which helps a dentist find something wrong in our mouth.  The recall is important to everybody, including a kid.  Charles is  3 year old.  Today he returns for recall, 2nd dental visit in his life.  He is a good boy, cooperating with dental examination.  The latter shows that one of his top front teeth (Fig.1: F) has an extra piece (L on the tongue side).  When he closes his mouth, the bottom front teeth hits the extra part (Fig.2 ^), causing this abnormal tooth to have shifted outside (compare the incisal edge: * with those of the neighboring teeth). 

What we need to do is to remove the extra portion by gentle grinding (Fig.3).  It is expected that the tooth will shift back to a normal position by itself within 6 months (Fig.4 arrow).  We will see you next time when he returns for dental recall.

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 06/10/2015, last revision 06/10/2015