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When Fiona is 6 years old, one of her baby front teeth (Fig.1,2 E) has root tip infection (>) and is extracted.  Less than 1 year, the corresponding permanent tooth (Fig.1: #8) comes out (Fig.3: #8), while the other baby front tooth shows no sign of mobility (F).  The latter is extracted to make the corresponding underlying permanent tooth (Fig.1: #9) erupt sooner. 

Five months later, this does not happen.  The permanent tooth (Fig.4: #9) is still underneath the gums (^).  Under local anesthesia, the gums are touched by laser beam (Fig.5: ^).   

Within 2 months, the permanent tooth #9 is arriving at this world (Fig.6).

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 06/15/2015, last revision 06/15/2015