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Dental Education Lecture: Crooked Teeth and Gum Disease

Jeff is a eight-year-old boy.  One of his front teeth on the top (Fig.1: #9, central incisor) is abnormally inside the bottom teeth (#23, 24).  Inwardly positioned tooth #9 (cross bite, lock in) creates a cosmetic issue. It also pushes the two bottom front teeth forward.  The gums of these two teeth are receding a little too much, as compared those of two neighboring teeth.  The gum lines of these four front teeth on the bottom are labeled in black lines.

Braces are finished less than 1 year.  His appearance remains normal 5-6 years later (Fig.2).  Beside, he has visited dental office every 6 months.

Peter is 34 years old.  His teeth are severely crooked without braces at young age.  Now he has severe gum disease and is going to lose almost all of his teeth (Fig.3,4). 

It seems that braces and regular dental cleaning are important for ideal dental health.

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