Early Braces: Easy, Quick and Good

Braces can be placed early and late for children.  Early refers to when front adult teeth just comes out, (6-8 years old), whereas late when all of permanent teeth are out (~12 years old).

When Hilary is 8 years old, two of her top front teeth (Fig.1: #1) has a big gap and the bottom teeth are alright.  Braces are placed only on the top teeth (Fig.2, early braces, compare to late braces: top and bottom, more cumbersome); in a few months, the gap is closed, but top and bottom midlines (arrows).

In total 12 months, the braces are done (Fig.3; as compared to 2-3 years for late braces).

Four years after brace removal, Hilary's tooth alignment looks just fine (Fig.4).  No late braces are needed.  Early minor misalignment (Fig.3 *) is self corrected as she grows older (Fig.4 *).

In brief, early braces, when indicated, produce easy, quick and good results.

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 04/24/2016, last revision 04/24/2016