Extraction No Extraction

Lose is Actually Gain

Our teeth are priceless, but when they are severely crooked (Fig.1-4), some of them may need extraction for braces to make space.  Two boys need braces.  Boy A agrees with extraction (Fig.1,3 X), whereas boy B declines (Fig.2,4).  In the end the arch with extraction looks nice and rounded (Fig.5), whereas the one without extraction looks weird and U-shaped (Fig.6).  More importantly, the side view of the case with extraction looks normal (Fig.7), while the front teeth of the case without extraction look protruding (Fig.8).

In brief, for severe crooking, extraction helps braces.  By losing something, we in fact gain more.

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 04/15/2017, last revision 04/16/2017