Mouth Rinse and Stain

Some of us did not have chance to have braces when we were young.  To cover the crooked teeth, we have to brush well (Fig.1,2).  Finally we get braces on the top teeth first (Fig.3,4).  We brush harder.  These teeth on the top look great in nine months, while braces are added to the bottom teeth (Fig.5,6).  It is not enough for those who want perfection in oral hygiene.  How about using a mouth rinse?  But stain appears!

In fact, the stain is confined to the area that is difficult to access to brush or floss (behind wires).  In addition, every type of mouth rinse can cause different degree of stain.  Therefore, beware of potential staining before using a mouth rinse. The good news is that staining give us suggestion that we need to work even harder on the area difficult to access.

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 12/08/2013, last revision 12/09/2013