Twin Brothers

Mr. Wei visited our office for exam one and a half years ago.  X-ray showed that there are two cavities (arrowheads (^) in Fig.1) between the 2nd and 3rd (wisdom) molars in upper right area.   We suggested extraction of the 3rd molar and filling or root canal for the 2nd molar.  Mr. Wei declined, saying that he has been fine with loss of 2nd and 3rd molars in the upper left area (Fig.2).

Recently, he returned for emergency, complaining of severe pain in upper right area and insisted on extraction of the 2nd and 3rd molars (Fig.3,4).  He wanted them (twin brothers) to die together.

Human beings have two main types of oral diseases: cavities and gum disease, due to lack of oral hygiene.  We usually get one of them, either cavities or gum disease.  When oral hygiene is very bad, we can get both of them (twin brothers).

Gum disease (tartars: arrowheads around the 3rd molar in Fig.3) and cavity (arrowheads in 2nd molar) go hand-by-hand.  Mr. Wei does not use floss.

When these two teeth turn 90 degrees as shown by white arrows, the two cavities are shown better (arrowheads in Fig.4).  Deep down the cavities are nerve (*).  This is the reason that Mr. Wei has severe toothache.  Once again around the cavities are brown stuffs: tartars.

Do you need improve oral hygiene or let double assassins (cavities and gum disease) take away our two teeth (twin brothers) at one time?

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 10/03/2011, last revision 10/03/2011