Water Flosser: One of the Best Oral Hygiene Instrument

Brushing is one of the oldest oral hygiene method.  It is not enough.  Dental floss is an excellent supplement.  But it requires patience and skill.  It is cumbersome to floss around a bridge. Nowadays water flosser (waterpik, water gun) can basically replace floss.  It uses water flow to remove junk from our teeth.  It is easy, convenient and fit everybody, young and old, physically or mentally handicapped.

Mrs. Ye has a loose bridge because of breakdown of 2 supporting teeth (Fig.1, 2: #11, 15).  The gums around the broken tooth #11 are tender, swollen and reddish (Fig.2).  The 2 broken teeth are extracted; total 5 implants are placed.  A temporary bridge is made to connect the implants.  It is difficult to maintain oral hygiene.  At our suggestion, Mrs. Ye uses a water flosser to keep the area clean.  By the time 5 permanent crowns are delivered, the gums around the implants are as healthy and pinkish as baby skin (Fig.3,4).

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 03/14/2016, last revision 03/14/2016