Dental Education Lecture: Concrete cement

Mrs. He has severe gum disease.  One of her bottom front teeth (* in Fig.1,2) is very loose.  It has no bone support (black arrowheads in Fig.1).  Instead it is held in place by heavy tartar (red arrowhead in Fig.1).  After deep cleaning for the bottom teeth, they look better than those on the top (Fig.2).  The loose tooth (*) has severe gum receding as shown by lots of root exposure (between 2 lines).  Mrs. He cannot eat well with the loose tooth.  She cannot clean her teeth, either.  So we need to fix the problem.  First, a thin wire is wrapped around six of bottom front teeth (black arrowhead in Fig.3,4).  Second, white filling material (white arrowhead) is used to fill the space between the teeth and also hold the wire in place.  It is as solid as concrete cement.  There is zero mobility of these six teeth.  It should be easy for the patient to eat and brush now.  Since she cannot floss between these teeth, she must use mini-brush to clean the space underneath the concrete cement.

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 02/19/2011, last revision 02/19/2011