Continuous Care

Mr. Huang became our patient five years ago because of an emergency. One of his front teeth was chipped (Fig.1 *).  A crown was made immediately (Fig.2 C).  The patient was pleased.  He has other dental issues.  Upper left canine had a large defect near the gum line (Fig.2 *).  The most important problem was that he has pretty severe gum disease.  There were a lot of stains and tartar between the teeth (Fig.2 >).  Gums are reddish (Fig.2 #).

Since the crown was cemented, Mr. Huang has been our loyal patient.  He has returned for gum disease treatment (deep cleaning).  The most amazing is that he has come back for gum disease maintenance cleaning every three months no matter what, shines or rains.  The results should not surprise us.  Stains and tartars are gone (Fig.3 >).  Gum tissue is much more healthier (Fig.3 # as compared to Fig.2).  The large defect near the gum line is also fixed (Fig.3 *).  The crown remains intact (Fig.3 C).

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 05/28/2012, last revision 05/28/2012