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Dental Education Lecture: Deep Cleaning: Before and After

Mr. Wang dares not brush his teeth, because of gum bleeding. Not brushing well contributes to more plaque accumulation on the teeth near the gum line (black arrowheads in Fig.1,2).  Thick plaque causes more severe gum infection (redness and swelling of gums as shown by white arrowheads in Fig.1) and more gum bleeding.  This is a vicious cycle.  To make thing worse, Mr. Wang does not like professional cleaning, because he is afraid that cleaning may remove veneers in his front teeth.

One day Mr. Wang has to come to dental office for help. Several months after deep cleaning and proper home care, his plaque is gone and his gums return to normal (Fig.3,4).  Mr. Wang is very pleased and now he is more acceptable to dental procedure.  Arrowheads in Fig.2,4 point to his back teeth without veneers.  Take another look at before and after photos at higher magnification.

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 08/11/2010, last revision 08/14/2010