Easy Treatment for Crowding in Adults

Crowding in bottom front teeth is fairly common (Fig.1).  These teeth are difficult to clean up and easy to get gum disease.  The best treatment is braces, but it is hard for an adult.

In spite of severe crowding, Ms. Xiong (in her forties) keeps her teeth clean and shiny.  She does not like the appearance.  One of the bottom front teeth (Fig.1,2: red *) sticks out.  After repeated discussion, we decide to have it out (Fig.3).  In two weeks, the gum tissues next to the extraction socket start to heal (Fig.3,4 arrowheads).  They heal completely in one year (Fig.5,6).  The bottom tooth alignment is quite perfect.  It appears that these front teeth have made self adjustment in position.  The patient is pleased with the result.

Extraction turns out to be a simple solution to adult crowding.

Ms. Xiong keeps coming back for cleaning.  The gums almost fills in the gap between the teeth 3 years 4 months after extraction (Fig.7 ^).  The remaining crowding should be able to resolve with braces (Fig.7,8).

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 08/30/2013, last revision 07/05/2015