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Dental Education Lecture: Negligence

In last lecture, we talk about Dave.  He had bad experience with dentists when he was young.  He has neglected dental care for very long time.  Finally he decides to see a dentist.  Our exam shows that all of his top teeth and most of bottom teeth need to be gone and are replaced with dentures.  But we need to make dentures in advance.  When the dentures are ready, he is eager to come back to take out as many teeth as possible.  Because his face (Fig.1 X) is swollen up.  The offending tooth is #14 as shown in Fig.3.  After removing teeth as planned and placing top and bottom dentures, don't you think that he is not handsome (Fig.2)?

During lengthy surgical extraction, he realizes his negligence.  We spend the same amount of time (equally long) saving his last five teeth (Fig.7 of Amazing Dentures) by doing gum surgery.  We sincerely hope that he will take better care of his remaining teeth from now on.  Because these last five teeth are critical to stability of his bottom partial denture.

Some of our patients do not understand the importance of daily personal hygiene and periodic dental care and ignore doctor's advice of doing proper dental treatment.  Dave's story should give us a good lesson, including dental professionals themselves.

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 04/15/2010, last revision 04/18/2010