Self Tooth Alignment After Extraction

Mr. Huang, in his early fifties, has an abscess (Fig.1 <) near the root tips of two bottom front teeth (R, L).  These two teeth are crooked.  One of them should be gone (1 2).  Which one, right or left?  It appears that the abscess is closer to the left than the right.  A rubber stick is inserted into the abscess (Fig.2 *) to see where it ends up.  In fact, the tip of the rubber stick stops over the root tip of the left front tooth (Fig.3 *).  The latter is extracted (Fig.4,5).  The space shrinks rapidly in the first 3 months (Fig.6) and 9 months (Fig.7,8) and remains the same in the next 2 years (Fig.9,10). 

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 06/01/2014, last revision 11/03/2016