Dental Education Lecture: Repair of Chipped Tooth

Ms. Dai is a beautiful young lady.  She is going to get a doctor degree.  Most importantly she is going to get married.  One of her front teeth was chipped when she was a little girl (Fig.1,2).  Before repair with white filling (Fig.3), she asks a tough question: how long it will last.

Most of repair lasts for long time, at least in term of years.  One exception is a little boy at the age of 10.  Most likely he does not pay attention to how to bite.  Majority of my adult patients are appreciative when they have the new tooth back.  They try every mean to protect the tooth.  They avoid biting hard food with the front teeth.  It is alright to eat normally, but it is the best to cut food (for example, apply) into small pieces and send them to the back teeth for chewing. 

Besides, when you are drinking with glass especially in a party, do not laugh and also try to avoid being hit by naughty friends.

If the chip is too large, we can choose veneer.

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 04/19/2011, last revision 01/18/2012