Dental Education Lecture: How to take care of your filling?

One year ago, we did mini makeover for the front teeth for Ms. Mo.  She was very pleased.

Unfortunately, she had to return to our clinic yesterday, because one of her front teeth chipped while biting on a pencil (Fig.1,2 large arrowheads).  There is another small chip (small arrowheads in Fig.1,2), not noticed by the patient.  She grinds her teeth day and night.

In brief, we should avoid bad habit such as biting on fingernails or pencil to avoid misfortune of breaking filling.  Second, we should wear night guard if we grind teeth day or night.

For Ms. Mo, we had to fix chips immediately.  She was happy again (Fig.3,4).  In fact, she has a third factor leading to easy chip of front teeth.  Fig.3 shows that one of her back teeth is missing (*).  Actually one more back tooth is missing on the other side (not shown).  She cannot bite in the back.  So she tends to use front teeth more often.  To keep the new filling as long as posible, she needs to fix the missing back teeth as soon as possible.

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 05/10/2011, last revision 05/10/2011