How to Prevent Cavity from Happening Again?

Filling shown in Fig.1 as F is usually done to fix a cavity between the teeth.  The cavity is due to failure to clean the area with floss for long time.  If we do not floss after filling is done, a new cavity may happen again underneath the filling in a few years (Fig.2: arrowheads).  It is pretty sad.  This time, the new cavity causes nerve infection.  We have to do root canal (R in Fig.3) to alleviate pain and place a crown (C) to protect the tooth.  The crown also covers the defect in the root after cavity is removed (arrowhead).

To prevent cavity from happening for the third time, we have to use floss on daily basis.  Besides, we need to pay attention to detail.  The floss should pass along the crown surface and then the root surface (Fig.4 red lines) to get out germs hidden there.

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 04/17/2012, last revision 04/18/2012