Soda and Cavity

Some companies provide free soft drinks in workplace.  When it is consumed for too long, the strongest tooth in the mouth (canine) may get cavity (Fig.1).  The strangest thing is that the tip of the canine has the thickest portion of the enamel, which is resistant to cavity formation.  It appears that if we do a bad thing for long time, a bad outcome will ensue.

The good thing about this cavity is that it is easy to fix.  The cavity is a little bit far away from the nerve.  After cavity is removed, a white filling material is used to fill the prepared cavity (Fig.2-4).  The result looks good.  The patient promises never to drink the free soda again.

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 07/14/2013, last revision 07/14/2013