Dental Education Lecture: Sweet Teeth

Ms. Wang loves candy.  There are two brown cavities in the front teeth near the gum line (upper figure: single black arrowheads).  On either side of the brownish cavities are white lines, which also happen in the lateral incisors (white arrowheads).  These white lines are precursor to cavities.  If Ms. Wang keeps eating a lot of sweet and does not brush properly, these white lines will develop into the ugly brownish cavities.  To prevent pre-cavity lesions and cavities near the gum line from happening, we need to brush the gum line at 45 degree.  The proper oral hygiene can convert the white lines into normal appearance.

Combination of sweet and no floss leads to cavities between teeth (black shadow pointed by double arrowheads in the upper figure).

Modern white filling can restore your beauty in no time (bottom figure), but you need to reduce sweet consumption and pick up good oral hygiene (brushing properly and flossing).

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition11/12/2009, last revision 04/18/2012