Great Mother

Lisa has bike accident at the age of 9.  One year later, one of the front teeth (#9 in Fig.1) is painful.  The nerve of this tooth is particularly large (*).  In contrast, the nerve of the next tooth (#8) is shrinking (>). 

Both teeth need root canal.  But the tooth #9 uses a special material called MTA (M in Fig.2) for filling.

Two months later, the tooth #9 discolors (Fig.3,4).  It needs whitening.  There are two main types of whitening: take-home and in office.  Lisa is particularly afraid of dental treatment.  Lisa's mother is willing to do whitening at home.

In one month, the discolored tooth improves dramatically (Fig.5,6).  This is crystal of love from a great mother.

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 01/16/2012, last revision 01/18/2012