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Dental Education Lecture: Root Canal Redo (2nd Case)

Mr. Zou has a big abscess in one of his top front teeth (shadow surrounded by black arrowheads in Fig.1).  The tooth has had root canal (white arrowhead), which needs to be done again.  First we need to remove the old filling using several files from small to large at proper length (F in Fig.2).  After the canal has been thoroughly cleaned up, we fill the space again.  This time the filling in root canal looks solid (R in Fig.3 as compared to white arrowhead in Fig.1).  Two years later, the shadow reduces in size and increases in density (Fig.4).  Mr. Zou has been pain-free for the last two years.

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 04/30/2010, last revision 05/01/2010