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Dental Education Lecture: Root Canal Redo

Sometimes root canal needs to be redone, because of re-infection.  This happens to Mrs. Qu's top front tooth.  There is a shadow down the root tip, as shown by X-ray: arrowheads in Fig.1.  R stands for root canal done previously.  What we need to do is to use fine instrument (F in Fig.2) to remove old root canal filling.  The end of the fine instrument is close to root tip (arrowhead in Fig.2).  After making canal a little larger and much cleaner, we refill the root canal (R, Fig.3) to the tip of the root (arrowhead).  Since the root canal is thoroughly cleaned up and packed tightly, germs are removed or killed.  The root tip re-infection is gone by itself over the time.  Four and ten months after root canal redo, the root tip shadow is gradually disappearing (Fig.4 and Fig.5).  Mrs. Qu is very happy, because she feels that the tooth is stronger, not so loose.  Two years after root canal redo, the root tip shadow is almost completely gone (Fig.6: arrowhead, as compared to Fig.1).  The tooth remains stable.

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 04/01/2010, last revision 04/25/2011