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Dental Education Lecture: Baby Tooth Make-over 

One of Ms. Yang's baby teeth (B in Fig.1) has yet to fall out.  It looks small.  There is a big gap in front of it (arrowhead in Fig.1).  Food is easily trapped there.  Ms. Yang wants to fix it.

It appears that we should make a crown for her (Fig.2).  The gap is closed, but the design shows that the crown in wax (W)  looks too wide.  To achieve the best possible cosmetic result, the gums (*) need to go up (until pencil mark in Fig.2).  The tooth will look longer and more skinny.  We are going to do a small surgery to push the gums up.

Fig.3 shows that we have just placed a temporary crown (T) and raised the gums up a little bit (arrowhead).  Ms. Yang is very pleased with the result.

Two weeks later, a permanent crown is placed (C in Fig.4).  The gums over the crown heals very nicely, at the same level as the neighboring teeth, as compared to Fig.1.  One year after crown cementation, the gums (Fig.5 arrowheads) adapt to the crown more naturally.

Don't you want to see make-over for Ms. Yang's other baby teeth?

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 11/04/2010, last revision 10/20/2011