Care for Temporary Crown

Today we are preparing for your crown.  After taking impression, a temporary crown (temp) will be made for you.  You are going to wear it for 1-2 weeks until a permanent one is fabricated.  The purpose of the temp is to keep the neighboring and opposing teeth in place so that the permanent crown will be seated smoothly.

However, the temp is lightly glued in place for easy removal later on.  It pops out pretty easily.  Cautions should be taken as follows

  1. Do not use chewing gums or eat sticky food

  2. Try to chew on the other side of the mouth

  3. Use traditional floss if you want to floss around the temp.  Do not withdraw it the opposite direction.  Instead remove the floss from the side while you bite down as we will show to you

  4. If you want to use floss stick, hold the temp while stick comes out

  5. If the temp pops out, just put it back.  If it is too loose, use toothpaste as a temporary glue. Apply the latter inside the temp

  6. If you feel that you may swallow it in mealtime, take it out before meal and put it back afterward.  Rinse your mouth and the temp beforehand

  7. Call our office in your earliest convenience.  We may seat your permanent crown earlier.

  8. If the temp is made immediately after implant surgery, do not touch it even with your tongue constantly.  There should be no contact when you bite down. A permanent crown will be made in about 4 to 5 months

  9. If you have questions about it, we are happy to answer

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 09/19/2013, last revision 09/19/2013