Close Midline Space

A space between front teeth may be a cosmetic issue to some people (arrowhead in Fig.1).  It is usually genetic (family-related), but can be caused by missing back tooth (teeth).  The latter happens to Ms. Wang in her early twenties.  When an implant for a back tooth  is near finishing (I in Fig.1), she notes a gap between front teeth (arrowhead).  It did not exist before.  Nobody in her family has this type of space.  It appears that the teeth in front of the missing one have been shifted backward and slowly (arrow in Fig.2) before we have a chance to place implant crown.  Most of us do not care about missing back teeth, since nobody can notice that.  In fact, a cosmetic problem in front teeth may occur sooner or later, as shown above.

The same front tooth of Ms. Wang has another problem.  The cutting edge of this tooth was chipped by beer bottle when her friend hit it in a party (arrowhead in Fig.3).  This chip has been repaired and chipped again.

White filling is used to repair these two anomalies at the same time (Fig.4).  Ms. Wang is very pleased.  This is the most conservative method to close the gap.  Another way is veneers.

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 05/24/2011, last revision 05/24/2011