Treatment for A Tetracycline Tooth

Mr. Ren has pretty severe Tetracycline teeth (Fig.3-5).  One of them has had low-grade infection and pain since previous incomplete root canal (Fig.1).  The root canal filling (black <) does not reach the tip of the root (white <).  This front tooth is badly broken down around a post (P).  The tooth needs a crown. 

Before the crown, root canal is done again (Fig.2).  This time root canal filling (black <) reaches the root tip (white <).  It means that germs inside the tooth are cleaned up.  Afterwards, the pain is gone.

Now we can make the crown.  After the tooth is ground for impression (Fig.3: *), two shade guides (S1 and S2) are used to determine the color of the crown.  Photos are taken and sent to lab.

Fig.4 shows a temporary crown with the most common used shade.  You can see how severe the Tetracycline teeth are.

Finally, the permanent crown blends well with the surrounding teeth (Fig.5).  It looks more natural a year later (Fig.6 C).  Three new fillings have just been placed in the neighboring teeth (*).  Mr. Ren is so happy about treatment in our office that he refers his wife to our office when she needs an emergent treatment.

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