Denture changes his life

Ken, in his forties, has lost all of his upper teeth and most of the bottom ones (Fig.1).  He wants to have teeth back badly.  In fact he needs two dentures to restore his ability, but his insurance allows us to make one each year.  Ken chooses having the top one this year and the bottom one next year.  This creates difficulties and challenges for both of us. 

Surprisingly, Ken is very co-operative during upper complete denture fabrication.  When denture wax up (Fig.2: denture teeth are temporarily fixed in wax) returns, he is appreciative.  When the final denture (Fig.3: denture teeth are permanently fixed in plastic) is delivered, he is ecstatic (Fig.4).  It appears that the denture changes his life.

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 07/14/2013, last revision 07/15/2013