Immediate Implant Bridge

Mr. Lee was a heavy smoker and had severe gum disease.  One of bottom front teeth (Fig.1: 24) was very loose (no bone support) and remained in place by splinting (Fig.2 ^).  Finally he quits smoking.  It is safe to place implants.  Suddenly the loose front tooth is gone and leaves a large gum and bone defect (Fig.2 *).  Ideally an implant is used to replace a missing tooth.  Since there is the large bone defect in the missing tooth, the implant cannot be placed there.  Moreover gum and bone condition of the neighboring teeth (Fig.1: 23, 25) is also poor. We take them out, immediately place implants in the fresh sockets (Fig.3) and cement a three-unit bridge between #23 and 25 in the same appointment (Fig.4).  Arrowhead points to the socket of #23 with a little bit of blood, indicating that all the procedures are just finished without much trauma.  Mr. Lee instantly feels the bridge very stable and convenient, as compared to a loose denture on the top (Fig.4 *).  The patient is doing well after the surgery.  He also plans to place more implants to replace missing teeth in his mouth.

Mr. Lee returns to finish the permanent bridge a year later (Fig.5,6).

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 01/11/2013, last revision 02/05/2014