The Best Gift

The best gift is defined as the one that gives you long term benefit.  To a child, the best gift parents can offer is braces.  Bright smile is forever as long as the child can brush and floss regularly.  When you or your family member lose a tooth or several teeth, implant(s) are the best gift.

Mr. Wang, in his late 40s, has gum disease.  The top 2nd molar has gum receding and mobility (Fig.1 (mirror view): #2).  He cannot chew on that side.  One year after implant placement, there is no gum receding at the 2nd molar (Fig.2 *).  He can eat normally on that side. 

The patient lost one of his front teeth in sport (Fig.3 F).  For several years he wears a removable partial denture, which is inconvenient and easily get lost.  Fig.4 shows that he has a fixed tooth for 4-5 months after surgery.  Now he does not worry about the fact that the removable denture may shoot out of his mouth when he talks or sneezes.

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 06/06/2016, last revision 06/06/2016