Care After Implants

A 50-year-old man has an old bridge supported by 3 of his own teeth (Fig.1: #6, 7 and 10).  The bridge comes off several times; two of the supporting teeth (Fig.2: #7 and 10) are so bad that they are taken out and replaced by 2 implants (Fig.3: I).  The implants are used to support a so-called 4-unit bridge (Fig.3) instead of the former 5-unit one (Fig.1).  Since the tooth #6 is not too badly broken down (Fig.2), it gets a new crown (Fig.3: #6). 

The new bridge and crow work well for the gentleman.  He feels them so valuable that he dares not brush them.  The gums around his bridge are reddish and slightly tender.  In contrast to what we think, the more care is taken for our teeth and implant teeth/bridge, the better.  It is also important to use floss around implant teeth.  For the middle portion of the bridge (Fig.3 ^), we need to use water pik (water gun, water flosser).  Water is used to blow away dirty stuff from the underneath of the bridge.

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 10/29/2016, last revision 10/29/2016