Go for Full Teeth

A 50ish woman has 5 missing back teeth on the bottom (Fig.1,3 *).  A side effect of long termed missing teeth is overgrown teeth on the top (Fig.2,3 downward arrows).  Implants are the best option for the missing teeth (Fig.3 I).  At the same time, the overgrown tooth needs to be pushed in (Fig.3 upward arrow) to have balanced bite.  The latter (push) is not an easy job.  So a missing tooth should be replaced as soon as possible.  This patient is scared of dentistry.  But the 3 implants are great help in chewing.  Today she returns for 2 more implants to have a complete set of the teeth (Fig.4 I).

Return Implant

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 06/16/2016, last revision 06/16/2016