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I can cut stitches with my front teeth now!

Implants are the best option to fix missing teeth.  But complication occurs rarely.  If you are persistent with treatment during the ordeal, the final result will be sweet.

Mrs. Yan has two bad front teeth.  One of them, #8, is painful with infection and abscess (Fig.1,2 white arrow).  The other, #9, has a loose crown (Fig.1 black arrow).  It falls out often (Fig.2).  Finally she decides to have these two teeth out and replace with implants.

In the first appointment, both teeth are extracted. An implant is placed at the site of #9.  The infection at the site of #8 is cleaned; bone graft is placed.  No implant is placed there as a precautious measure.

Two months later, the infection at the site of #8 appears to be under control.  An implant is placed (Fig.3 I).  Unfortunately the infection comes back within two weeks.  CT scan shows that there is infection the top end of the implant at the site of #8 (Fig.4 arrowheads, as compared to Fig.5).  The implant at the site of #8 is removed and the infection is again cleaned up thoroughly.  Two months later, a new implant is placed at the site of #8 for the second time.  This time no infection recurs.  During lengthened treatment, Mrs. Yan has no complaint.

Finally abutments are placed (Fig.6 A) and impression are taken for crowns. She reports to us that she can cut stitches with temporary crowns of her front implant teeth.  When two new teeth are delivered, she show the world her smile (Fig.7).  The implants are doing fine 3 years 8 months post cementation (Fig.8).

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