Guided Implant Surgery for Everybody

Mr. Zhu's bottom right molar tooth (Fig.1 #30) is in bad shape and requires extraction, leaving quite large space (socket, Fig.1 insert black area).  To help the socket heal, bone powder is placed (Fig.2 *).  In 3 months, an implant is placed with guided surgery (as will be described below) smoothly and painlessly.

Mrs. Zhu is afraid of dental work.  One of her bottom right molar teeth has been missing for long time.  Witnessing the beauty of guided implant surgery, she agrees to have the same one.  The latter requires 2 preparations: CT and impression.  CT (Fig.4,5) helps choosing a proper-sized implant (I, green), relative to the underneath nerve (N).  Impression produces a model (Fig.6 M) and subsequently a guide (G) with a metal sleeve (arrow).  The latter controls precise implant placement.  Mrs. Zhu also has a successful surgery.  Therefore, guided implant surgery is fit for everybody.

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