Guided Implant Placement: Safe, Painless and Quick

Mr. Wong, a 70-year-old man, has 3 missing molar teeth (#15,18,19, Fig.1).  He wants implant replacement (Fig.2 green).  To chew better, the implants should be as large and long as possible.  A special X-ray, called CT (computerized tomogram), helps us design and make a particular device (guide) for implant placement.  The implants are large and long enough, without compromising the nearby important structures, such as nerve (Fig.1 N, Fig.1-3: orange) and sinus (S, red).  Therefore the guided implant placement is precise and safe.

For regular implant placement without guide, it takes 2-5 shots to get numb, whereas for guided surgery, one shot is all we need.  When the guided surgery at #19 is done for Mr. Wong (about 10 minutes, Fig.3), he cannot believe.  "Is it done?"  When his sister (our former implant patient) calls our office, Mr. Wong has left the office for his home state (Mississippi).  After numbness wears off, patients with guided surgery do not feel any discomfort.  Because of atraumtic nature, the wound heals smoothly (Fig.4 (1.5 months after surgery)).

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 07/03/2018, last revision 08/17/2018