Immediate Implant Reduces Pain Associated with Extraction

Most people think that implant is a very painful procedure.  In reality, it is not true.  If an implant is placed immediately after extraction, it can reduce pain associated with extraction.  Let us see why below.

Rishawn, 23 years old, has severe pain in top left molar.  The tooth #14 is so bad that only roots remain (Fig.1).  Extraction leaves a large unprotected wound (Fig.2).  Six days later, pain is even worse than before. He develops a special complication after extraction, called dry socket.  The blood clot is being dissolved from the extraction socket with yellowish and grayish infection material (Fig.3 *).  The bone is exposed to the oral cavity.  The pain is excruciating.

Mrs. Wang, 78 years old, has also a broken down molar.  Only two of three roots remain (Fig.4 *).  She allows us to take the tooth out and have an implant placed immediately (Fig.5 I).  The large wound (socket) is closed by the implant.  Merely a narrow gap is left open to the oral cavity (<).  A small portion of the gums is reddish due to infection before extraction (*).  Two weeks after extraction, there is no sign of infection or gap (Fig.6).  The wound heals completely. Mrs. Wang does not have any discomfort.  In one word, immediate implant in fact facilitates extraction wound healing and reduces the chance of dry socket and severe pain.

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 10/03/2013, last revision 10/04/2013