Can Implant Cause Infection?

Ms. Pan has a bad broken front tooth (Fig.1-3: #10), which causes gum infection (*).  It should be gone and replaced immediately by an implant (Fig.4 I).

Before the surgery, she asks whether the implant can cause infection or not.  It usually does not as long as she takes an antibiotic and rinse with a prescription mouth rinse.

In fact, the surgery is so successful that not only is the implant placed securely, but also she steps out of our office with a new tooth.

Fifteen days later, she returns for follow up.  The gum infection is completely gone (Fig.5).  The new crown remains stable in her mouth (C).

In brief, extraction and immediate implant gets rid of infection, instead.

Return Implant

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 06/13/2015, last revision 06/13/2015