Implants Last

When our teeth need crown (Fig.1 C) and bridge (B), they are usually pretty weak and prone to further break down, particularly for those having habit of chewing a lot.  Mr. Wei is 82 years old when the crown tooth breaks down and has to be replaced by an implant (Fig.2 I).  A few months later, a new crown is cemented (Fig.3,4 C); he keeps enjoying eating.  Two and a half years later, the implant crown works fine, while the bridge breaks down and falls (Fig.5).  A new implant is placed in the middle of the bridge (Fig.6 I), while the patient keeps using the old bridge.  Finally two more implants are placed (Fig.7 I).  Now Mr. Wei has 4 implant supporting crowns.  The first implant one has been in his mouth for 3.5 years, while the other 3 for more than 6 months.  He eats like a dog, loving chewing bone without any problem.

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 06/21/2015, last revision 06/21/2015