Dental Education Lecture: Implant for Bottom Front Tooth

Hector used to be a bull fighter.  Three of his bottom teeth have root canal (Fig.1: 1-3).  One of them is snapped (Fig.1: 3) and needs to be extracted (Fig.2).  He accepts implant for restoration.  After extraction, he wears a temporary denture (#3 in Fig.4), which he does not like. He cannot eat while wearing the loose denture. He pushes us to place an implant (Fig.3: metal) earlier than planned; otherwise he probably hits us like a bull.  Finally Hector gets a rock-solid implant supported crown (#3 in Fig.5).  He can eat normally.  Fig.6 and 7 shows the implant-supported crown 3 years later.

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 03/10/2011, last revision 08/07/2016