Every Single Tooth is Priceless

When a 47-year-old man became our patient 6 years ago, the lower right 2nd molar had been missing (Fig.1 *).  An implant was recommended.  At that time, the bottom left 2nd molar had mild gum disease (bone loss, Fig.1 arrowhead).  Since he cannot chew on the right side because of one missing tooth, heavy bite force (Fig.1 arrow) makes the lower left 2nd molar work harder and gets more bone loss in the last 6 years (Fig.2 arrowheads).  Now the latter gets so severe infection that the tooth needs extraction and implant.  Fig.'1, '2 are magnification of Fig.1,2.

In one word, delay in restoring a missing tooth causes premature loss of another one.  Every single tooth is so precious.

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 05/01/2016, last revision 05/01/2016