Questions & Answer for Front Implants

Hi Dr. Wei,
I have some questions about implant after visiting your website -- Front Teeth/前牙修复.

(1) 1-hour tooth - Infection, Immediate Implant, Bone Graft and Immediate Crown (One-Hour Tooth)  -- (the title/information with yellow background coping from your web page, same below)
 Is it IAC? The temporary (provisional, P, Fig. 8) crown looks good. How about  the permanent?

This is not a IAC.  We have not reached permanent stage. 

(2) Benefits of Instant Tooth - Mr. Luo's upper right first premolar (Fig.1: #5). 
  Is it IAC? Would you use IAC for my 10# tooth like this and above one?

Not, either.  IAC is for Bicon implant, whereas Tatum implants are used for the two cases mentioned above.

(3) 牙科知識人人須知(520)暂时性假牙
Its gum doesn't look good. Why does it see that?
Would you put this kind of temporary crown on my implant?

It is a removable temporary partial denture, which is not used often now.  A fixed temporary crown will be fabricated for you.

(4) 牙科知識人人須知(435)即刻植牙
     in the page, you said: " ...当我们牙齿坏了,一般来说,我们先拔牙,两个月后,植牙。如果坏牙情况不是太坏,没有严重感染,拔牙后可以马上植牙,缩短治疗时间而保持高的成功率。..."

 For my case, would we do 即刻植牙?
 They don't look natural in the teeth bottom of the 23# and 26# .

Immediate implant will be placed for you.  Artificial teeth, including implant, do not look natural if you are critical.  When crowns completely cover the gums, they may look better, but may not be healthy to gums.  Anyway, the bottom half of the lower front teeth are usually invisible.

(5) 牙科知識人人須知(525)恒尖牙缺失修复
 The crown color is too white, 没有光泽,没有透明感, 而且有黑影.

The patient chooses that color so that she can bleach her teeth.  But she has not got the chance to do so.  It is difficult to obtain translucency with Tatum implants.  Bicon implant was offered, but her friend had had IACs, which occasionally became loose.  In spite of all of the shortcomings as you mentioned, the patient is pleased considering her previous condition: tiny discolored, and malformed baby tooth.

(6) 牙科知識人人須知(596)植牙前顾虑(从活动假牙到固定假牙)
      There is black between the gum and the bottom on the teeth #23, #26 and #28.

This patient is so scared of dentistry that a little improvement means a lot to her.  She does not want to wear the removable partial denture.  Once her wish is met, she does not care about the blackness over the gums.

If the implant is placed more toward the tongue and your gums are thick, your implant tooth may not look so bad. 


Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 09/29/2013, last revision 09/29/2013