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Dental Education Lecture: Quick Shrinking After Extraction

Earlier, we report a case of tooth bed shrinkage after extraction.   We notice the change several years after extraction.  Today, we are going to report a case of dramatic shrinking happening as early as six weeks after extraction.

One of Ms. Zhangs's front teeth has severe root infection (Fig.1 x).  The proper treatment plan is to take the tooth out and have an implant.  Before extraction, the root portion of this bad tooth (black *) is equally sticking out as those of the neighboring teeth (blue *). 

Six weeks after extraction, Ms. Zhang returns for implant placement.  The tooth bed has shrunk quite a lot (* in Fig.2).  We need to place an implant immediately to prevent further shrinkage.

After proper manipulation (bone expansion), we place a proper-sized implant (Fig.4).  The shrinkage has been fixed to certain degree (Fig.3 as compared to Fig.2).  We wish her quick recovery from surgery and no more shrinking of the tooth bed.  Six months later, Ms. Zhang gets a new tooth.  The once shrunk tooth bed (* in Fig.2 ) almost return to normal (black * in Fig.5, as compared to Fig.1).

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 09/09/2010, last revision 09/28/2012