Diabetes and Implant

Mr. Zheng is a diabetic in his early sixties.  He takes every measure including medicine to control diabetes.  He has lost a bottom front tooth for several years (Fig.1 *) and worn a partial denture.  Finally he decides to have an implant, but he is concerned about the diabetes.  Does the disease affect success of the implant?  Since his diabetes is under control, there is no difference in healing.

He takes an antibiotic before and after surgery.  To reduce trauma, a small implant is used for him (Fig.2-4 I).  There is no incision; bleeding is hardly noticeable (Fig.3,4).  A temporary crown is made immediately after implant placement (Fig.5 T). 

There is no pain after the surgery.  One week later, Mr. Zheng returns for follow-up.  The gums around the implant tooth look healthy (Fig.6 *, 7).  He is satisfied with the treatment.  It is expected that everything will turn up to be normal.  The temporary crown is changed to a permanent one in 4.5 months (Fig.8).  The patient is pleased.  We will see you for follow up. 

In fact, Mr. Zheng takes care of his teeth.  He flosses daily.

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 03/29/2014, last revision 08/08/2014