Every Tooth Counts 

Mr. Zhang, in early 70s, has had lots of dental work done, including 2 implants (Fig.1: I1,I2).  But there are 2 missing teeth (M1,M2).  According to his condition, he needs 2 more teeth.  Because he is a heavy biter.  More teeth can distribute chewing force evenly.  Two more implants have been recommended in the last 3 years.  But Mr. Zhang ignores our suggestion.  Suddenly one of the implants is gone (Fig.2: I2).  The other one may be gone soon. 

Mr. Wu, in his late 70s, is a good listener.  Once he finished bladder cancer treatment, four implants were placed (Fig.3: I1-I4) 2.5 years ago.  Two more were inserted a year later (Fig.3: I5, I6).  Now he enjoys his life every single day.  For most of us, complete teeth are required.  They protect each other.

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 03/30/2016, last revision 03/30/2016