Courage and Determination

A 86-year-old man has 3 front teeth left in the bottom jaw (Fig.1 *).  It is difficult to eat.  After reading articles about dental implants, he comes to our office for more teeth.  We place 3 implants on the left with 3 crowns (Fig.2 C).  Recently he returns for 3 more implants on the right with 4 temporary crowns (Fig.2 T).  His wife says that he can eat anything after having 3 implants on the left.  Before implants, he can chew hardly vegetables.  After implants, he can eat vegetables much quicker than herself with natural teeth.  The patient says that to have implants takes courage and determination.  After implants, he feels better.  The quality of life improves.  He enjoys what he has in the rest of his life.  A Japanese article mentions that the more teeth we lose, the less intelligent we become.  He must feel that he is smarter now with more implant teeth.

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 08/30/2015, last revision 08/30/2015