Keep Using Partial Denture

Mr. Ding has had several missing teeth, including two on the top left (Fig.1: **).  The best option is to place two implants, but he was afraid of surgery.  So a partial denture was made for these two missing teeth using the neighboring teeth (#12,15) as support.  He loves the denture.  Unfortunately several years later, one of the supporting natural teeth (#15) got an infection.  The tooth was extracted (Fig.2: E; biting surface view) and replaced immediately by an implant (Fig.3: I).  By this time, Mr. Ding has been much braver, since he has had three implants placed in the other parts of his mouth.

A few months later, a crown is placed on the implant on the top left (Fig.4: C; in dental model).  Then the partial denture is put back for use (Fig.5 (side view) and 6 (biting surface view).  Mr. Ding enjoys eating with his old dear partial denture.  Fig.7 is taken 1 year after crown cementation.  He is doing well. 

One year later, he lost the partial when his bag was stolen in traveling.  He chooses to get two implants for these missing teeth (Fig.8 *).  The wound heals well 1 month after surgery (Fig.9).

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 07/17/2013, last revision 07/10/2015