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Dear Dr. Wei,
Happy Holidays!  I hope you got a perfect turkey on Thanksgivings and I still remembered the delicious turkey dishes you and lirong gave to me on last two thanksgivings!
My whole fall semester will be ended very soon and the next two weeks will be our final weeks. I know I will be crazy busy but feel positive to pass them!  So far, I think I did a good job with my course work and lab work. Above all, I learned a lot of skills and professions which makes me exhausted but fulfilled. I am so happy with my school life!  Learning always makes me happy. However, I worried about my health since I got injured with my fragile lower back, which led to me stay in the bed for almost 4 days without movements. So pathetic ! It is not good time for my holidays and my finals! Today is the first day that I got up and staggered to the library. Hopefully, I can recover soon to face my final battle. 
It is a holiday season and a family time! You and Lirong are just like my teachers friends and part of family! I wish you and your family have a merry Christmas and very Happy New Year in 2014! 
All the best wishes for you,
Amy, 12/01/2013


Dear Dr. Wei,
I finished my vacation and have already gone back to school.  I spent the whole summer with my family and we traveled a lot. Even it is the vacation, I still felt so tired since I have to deal with my two kids all the time. Finally, I came back to school and can relax a little bit during this weekend since the school will start right away in next week.  We were told that the study of this year will be the most tough one for us since we have to pass the board exam. I didn't have the # 14 updated x-ray image and I will see my dentist in next Tuesday. I will check with him to see if we have any image for that tooth.  I took one personal photo by my phone and please see the attached photo.  
Thank you a lot for collecting teeth for me and if convenient for you,  you can mail to me by the following address. I think regular mail or regular Fedex ground mail will allow to send these samples.
Amy, 08/15/2014

Amy has graduated from South Carolina Dental School with honor and is working in North Carolina.

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