Being A Dentist

I met Ms. Hsu five or six years ago.  I gave a dental education seminar in Lion Club at Atlanta.  After the seminar, Ms. Hsu approached me and asked whether it is a good idea to be a dentist.  Absolutely.

Then she came to my office for shadowing for a while: watching us how to treat patients and helping do some chores.  Pretty soon she entered a dental school in Florida, probably due to her excellent education.  

A few days ago, it occurred to me that Ms. Hsu should be graduating.  We wanted to know how she is doing.  An email was sent to her.  Today she dropped by the office.  She has turned to Dr. Hsu.  She is going to practice in Atlanta soon.  We cannot help feeling great for her.  My #1 question is whether you have regretted being a dentist.  Her answer is that dentistry is very rewarding.  She must have had debt due to prolonged education.  She has not earned a penny yet.  How can she say that dental career is rewarding?

We all complain that the world does not treat us fair.  Being able to witness patients suffering while treating them, you, as a health provider, will suddenly realize that you are the luckiest person in the world.  Next you become the happiest person in the world when the patient is recovering from illness after treatment.

To Dr. Hsu, being able to finish all of school work, pass tons of tests and get a license in the shortest possible time is quite rewarding.  All we can do now is to wish her good luck in the new career.

She works Louisville, Kentucky.

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