Eric is a high school senior.  He is not sure what he wants to be.  So he decides to come to our office for observation.

He has been our patient since early childhood.  To our best knowledge, he has not had many cavities.  His braces were done in this office a few years ago.  There is one thing that is very special about him.  He is courteous and ready to say hi to people around him.

Although he was born in USA, he likes Chinese language, culture and politics.  One day, he asks a question in Chinese whether he will lose all of his teeth when he gets old.  His grandparents have lost quite a few teeth.  He watches several of dental procedures.  We assure him as long as he brushes and flosses regularly, he will keep all of his teeth.  He is pleased to hear that.  He will take better care of his teeth from now.

He is studying Engineer in Chicago now.

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