Laser Treatment for Hemangioma

A fifty-year-old lady has had a blood vessel tumor (hemangioma) for several decades.  It is painless, but cosmetically compromised (Fig.1,2).  Finally, she decides to get treatment.  These days, laser is the most populate modality.  The mass or called venous lake has a lot of blood vessels and blood.  It is sensitive to a soft tissue laser, named diode

The treatment is almost painless (mild tingling sensation).  No shot is necessary.  After application of a topical (a local anesthetic) over the surface of the lower lip, laser beam is aimed at the center of the tumor for a minute or so.  The tumor shrinks immediately and forms scar tissue (Fig.3,4), which sloughs over two or three weeks.  The patient is doing great after laser.  She uses hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound.

In a month, her lip returns normal (Fig.5,6).  Nobody is not pleased with it.  Laser could be used lightly if the venous lake reforms in the future.

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 05/10/2013, last revision 06/12/2013