Doctor's CV

I was born in Fuzhou, Fujian, Mainland China.  My parents are gynecologists and obstetricians. When I was little, I was sick often and got injuries sometimes.  I was amazed by the fact that my wound could heal and that I could recover from illness.  My father, who studied endocrinology in Soviet Union (Russia), encouraged me to learn as much as possible and to become a doctor and a researcher.  When I was in the school age, there was basically no formal education in China.  Anyway I loved to learn by myself as well as from my parents.  There was no college education when I graduated from high school.  I worked in an automobile parts factory for 3 years.  When Chinese universities re-opened to public after the infamous Cultural Revolution for nearly 10 years, I chose to study dentistry in Shanghai Second Medical University.  After that, I worked as a general dentist in Fujian Provincial Hospital.

As we know, children like to tease physically and/or mentally handicapped children.  Since childhood, it has been a dream for me to help those kids with physical handicap, such as cleft lip.  After a few years in general practice, I returned to my alma mater (Shanghai Second Medical University) to get Oral & maxillofacial surgery residency training.  My mentors were Drs. Zhang Xizhe and Qiu Weiliu.  I concentrated upon learning how to treat children with cleft lip and palate comprehensively.  I also got master degree in the process.  Then I returned to Fujian Provincial Hospital to sharpen my surgical skills.

During busy practice and training, I was not satisfied with the fact that I could treat limited number of kids with congenital (inborn) malformations.  It would be much nicer to find solutions to help prevent these abnormalities from happening in the first place.

I entered School of Graduate Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to pursue for PhD study in Cell Biology & Anatomy Department at supervision of Dr. Kathleen Sulik.  My doctorate thesis is how head and neck malformations are induced in animal models.  At the same time, I was a teaching assistant for gross anatomy in School of Dentistry under Dr. Royce Montgomony.  I also did 3-year post-doctoral research in California Primate Research Center, University of California at Davis at supervision of Dr. Andrew Hendricks.  I was a lecturer for Embryology & Gross Anatomy at School of Medicine. 

Maybe life is a circle.  I returned to dentistry by getting my second dental education in an advanced program, University of Southern California.  After getting DDS, I worked as an intern in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Department, Emory University, under the direction of Drs. Robert Bays and Vinny Perciaccante.  Then I became a Chief resident in General Practice Residency Program, the University of Kentucky under the direction of Dr. Ted Raybould. 

In 2003, I moved back to Atlanta and worked as a general dentist in a Coast Dental office for 2 years.  Then I had my own practice, first in Jimmy Carter Boulevard, Norcross and then in Abbotts Bridge Road, Duluth.

I am an active member of American Orthodontics Society and American Academy of Implant Dentistry. 

In all, I love to learn (postgraduate training) and hope that I have enough knowledge and experience before serving you.  Last, but not the least, you can have empathy and sympathy from your dental care provider.  I will treat you tooth, body, and soul with respect and tenderness.  Thank you very much.

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS